Fast Facts On Take-Home Teeth Whitening From Newton Smile Centre

Everyone is on the look-out for a whiter or brighter smile, as your teeth do typically discolor with age or from habits such as tobacco use, drinking coffee or imbibing red wine. If you can believe it, teeth whitening is not a new trend. In fact, people have been whitening their teeth for more than one hundred years. Take-home whitening, when done right, is safe and is a very effective, lower-cost way to brighten your smile.

There are many at-home whitening products available, and you can either get them from Newton Smile Centre, or you can visit your local pharmacy or box store. We’re here to help you do your homework and find the type that best fits your lifestyle.

There are two types of take-home teeth whitening kits. The first option is a professional kit in which the take-home whitening program is designed, prescribed, supplied, and supervised by your dentist in Newton Centre at Newton Smile Centre. The second option is a generic, non-prescription store-bought kit. Here’s a quick run-down of these 2 options…

  1. Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment
    • We will make custom-made trays (made from high-grade medical plastic) that specifically contour to the unique shape of your teeth to ensure the best results because the tray not only fits well, but fits snuggly to hold the whitening product without leaking.
    • The process starts by taking impressions of both your upper and lower teeth with a non-toxic dental putty. This takes mere minutes in the dental chair and we can either schedule an appointment just for this, or we can work it into another appointment such as your regular visit with your hygienist. Many of you have had impressions taken of your teeth previously … if you’ve ever had orthodontics or a dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, or implant.