Implant-Supported Dentures Give You Confidence, Security, & Beauty

Are you missing one or more of your teeth? Do you want to have a full, beautiful smile that you can flash without hesitation and with full confidence? Implant-supported dentures may be perfect for you!

What is an implant-supported denture?

  1. A denture is a dental appliance that holds replacement teeth in your mouth. They rest on your gums, stay in place with either suction or clips, but are removable. While they can be perfect for many, many patients look for added security.
  2. With implant-supported dentures, the replacement teeth are permanently fixed in your mouth. Dental implants anchor them to your lower or upper arch. They cannot slip, click, or slide, and they provide comfort, convenience, and confidence.
  3. The teeth for your implant-supported dentures are usually made of porcelain and they look like your natural teeth in color, size, and shape. At Newton Smile Centre, we make them especially for you so that esthetically, they enhance and beautify your smile.

Implant-supported denture appointments – what to expect:

Since implant-supported dentures are a permanent solution for missing teeth and they become a custom-fitted part of your mouth, there are several intricate steps we take to ensure a perfect prosthetic. Depending on your treatment plan, the time required may be up to a few appointments over the course of a number of months.