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Of all of our body parts, teeth rank right up there as one of our most resilient and hardworking. And when they’re treated to life-long, tender-loving care, they give us bright, life-long, happy smiles!

Our teeth are vulnerable not only to neglect, but also to the natural process of aging…

The crowns of our teeth are the white enamel that you see above the gumline. As we age, our teeth crowns will be damaged or changed due to many outside forces. It may become cracked or weakened by excessive wear or by decay, discolored by root canal treatment or by health factors and medicines, or become unsightly due to older compromised fillings and crowns.

If you have missing or loose teeth…read on! A crown may be the solution to restore your smile and help you regain your confidence.

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Here’s A Rundown On Crowns And Bridges

Dental Crown

If you’re concerned that damaged, discolored, or missing teeth are making you look older and less healthy, there are effective ways to restore your smile. Dental crowns can do wonders for smile makeovers and can boost your self-confidence. A dental crown is a strong replica of a normal tooth, and it can be made of gold or other metals but is usually made from materials that look like your natural tooth enamel. It can be used to cover, strengthen, and protect a damaged tooth. Beautiful porcelain is a strong material that cosmetic dental crowns are made from. These can cover slightly crooked teeth, gapped teeth, or teeth that have experienced extensive wear due to time, grinding, or clenching your teeth.

To recap, dental crowns are used to:

  • Restore and strengthen damaged, misshapen, or discolored teeth, or teeth whose strength is compromised by too many fillings or have undergone root canal therapy.
  • Cover unsightly stains, correct the appearance of individual teeth, or when used as part of a full-mouth restoration, change the look of your entire smile.
  • Replace missing teeth when used in combination with a dental implant, while protecting you from shifting teeth or to halt the bone loss that comes with missing teeth.
  • Make you look more youthful by replacing missing teeth, restoring your natural face shape and tooth alignment, and repairing your bite.

As a restoration or a cosmetic treatment, crowns are a versatile choice that have helped many people just like you enjoy smiling again.

Dental Bridge

To fill in gaps left by teeth lost to trauma, gum disease, or developmental issues, crowns are combined with one or more artificial teeth to create an appliance called a dental bridge. Crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the space and the artificial tooth or teeth bridge the gap. They look and feel like your own teeth, and no one would know there were ever any teeth missing. A stable, fixed bridge has no clasps and is usually preferred to a removable bridge.

Typically getting a crown or bridge takes more than one appointment. First, we do a thorough examination and prepare the neighboring teeth for the crown or crown & bridge restoration. An impression or replica of your mouth is taken so the bridge can be custom designed by an expert lab technician. At your second appointment, the crown or bridge is trimmed and adjusted before it is fixed in place. We take care to match color and appearance, and to restore your bite so neighboring teeth don’t have to work overtime. The end result? A healthy, happy smile for many years to come.

Is a dental crown or bridge the right option for your smile? Please call us, your dentist in Newton Centre at (617) 928-9299 today for your consultation!


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