Soft Tissue Laser Treatment at Newton Smile Centre

Lasers are suitable for multiple dental procedures, including soft tissue treatment. Lasers for soft tissue treatments are available at varying powers and wavelengths and can be used for procedures that would otherwise be performed using electrosurgery or a scalpel. Laser dentistry generates very little or zero heat and is a far gentler form of surgery. Dental lasers enable soft tissue to be effectively, precisely, and safely removed.
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Uses for soft tissue lasers include: gingivectomies and periodontal treatments, frenectomies, ablating and removing aphthous ulcers, gingival contouring, crown lengthening, troughing, soft tissue incisions, and removing soft tissue lesions.

At Newton Smile Centre we find laser therapy can be the answer for patients that have any anxiety about treatment. After treatment, most laser therapy patients will experience reduced post-operative pain, gingival swelling, and discomfort. No stitches are required due to hemostasis. There may be occasions when other techniques, such as electrosurgery, may be quicker, but laser treatment tends to be more comfortable and less traumatic for the patient

Benefits of Laser Treatment:

  • Won’t harm dental hard tissue
  • Doesn’t injure the dental pulp
  • The diode lasers are safe for use around dental implants
  • Also safe around PFM and full metal crowns, gold alloy and amalgam restorations
  • Dental lasers provide excellent hemostasis
  • Soft tissue removal is very precise and predictable, and the pen-style holder provides good visibility
  • Avoiding soda is high on my to-do list. Yes or no?
  • Stitches and periodontal packs may not be required, which can be especially advantageous for pediatric or special needs patients

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