OraCare™ Dental Mouthwash

Raising the Standard of Care in Dentistry!

OraCare - Dentist prescribed oral mouthwash

Most Oral Health Problems are Preventable!

Address gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath and a host of other oral health concerns with one product: OraCare™.

“I have veneers and my mouth has bled for years every time I would brush or floss. After two weeks of using OraCare, the bleeding is gone. Where can I buy more?” -Andre, California

What Dentists are saying about OraCare™:

“If one were going to design the perfect mouthwash, it would need to: be safe for the user, whiten teeth, kill bacteria, destroy biofilms (sticky plaque), eliminate bad breath and taste great so patients will actually use it. Fortunately, nobody need to bother designing this mouthwash because I’ve been using it for several months in my oral surgery and implant practice and it’s called OraCare.” -Dr. Michael, DDS, Texas

OraCare™ is an oral cleanser utilizing activated Chlorine Dioxide. In a university study, Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, destroy biofilms and neutralize Bacterial Toxins (VSCs).

Our Dentists Use OraCare™ In Your Dental Treatments.

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