Wait, Radioactive Toothpaste Was a Thing?

RADIATION AND THE harm it can do to humans wasn’t well understood in the early years after it was discovered. There were all kinds of exciting radioactive products for the public to buy, from radioactive water jugs to children’s toys to butter to…toothpaste. Thorium Toothpaste in 1920s Germany A hundred years ago, the German company Auergesellschaft produced Doramad, a toothpaste …

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The Fascinating History of Fluoride

THE ONE INGREDIENT a tube of toothpaste must contain to earn the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance is fluoride. (And, conversely, it must NOT contain sugar.) Fluoride is also added in trace amounts to drinking water to help keep our teeth healthy and strong. We’ve been relying on fluoride like this for decades, and the history of it is …

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How Do Veneers Work?

man with veneers

YOU GREET THE WORLD WITH YOUR SMILE.  If you have discolored, uneven, or cracked teeth it may be difficult to do so confidently.  The good news is, we can help!  Veneers Are A Dependable, Affordable Solution To Imperfect Smiles Veneers are thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells that cover your natural teeth. Long-lasting and natural-looking, they can protect your teeth from further …

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Is Your Child Grinding Teeth at Night?

child wearing a mouth guard

MANY PARENTS HAVE heard their children (loudly) grinding their teeth while they sleep at night, or even during waking hours. You may worry about the health of your child’s teeth or what their tooth grinding habit means and what has caused it. We hope this blog post answers your questions! Why Does Teeth Grinding Occur? Most commonly, bruxism–or teeth grinding–occurs …

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